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. . . A B O U T  A M B E R

The Younger Generation


Dara has become head of House Hellmaiden in Chaos, where she resides.  Seek her there.


The son of Eric and a  lady of the Golden Circle, Drew recently arrived in amber to claim his birthright.  Daric Kozlowski


The Son of Benedict, many centuries old.  A writer, a drinker, and a long-time resident of Chaos.  Tom Damon


The son of Brand.  A Trump artist, and many centuries old. Cathy Klessig


Martin spends most of his time wandering in Shadow, although he does sometimes visit home to see Random.


Merlin resides in Chaos, resentful of his mother but still dependent on her.


A lost daughter of Diedre, returned to Amber by a sentimental Corwin.  Moose and Squirrel never find her here.  Jäger Hein

The Elders


Benedict still only has one arm.  The guiding force behind imposing draconian peace onto Chaos, he spends most of his time there.


Currently known to be feuding with Fiona over possession of a set of magical towers.


Dead.  Hopefully.


Caine splits his time between the fleets of Amber, and (increasingly) time in Chaos with Julian.


Corwin left the Courts shortly after Patternfall and spoke of visiting his new Pattern.  He has spent most of his time there, although he has occasionally visited Amber.

Delwin & Sand

Who?  They never existed in my universe




He insisted on a proper funeral for Oberon in Courts. Even showed up with his own parade.  The Lords of Chaos did not feel it politick to object.  Dworkin's whereabouts are currently a mystery, but he has shown no interest in reclaiming the Ways of Barimen.



Finndo & Osric

Dead. For a long time now.


Up until very recently, she hung out in the Court of Swayville. Recently, she departed into Shadow, and is now known to have contested Bleys' ownership of a network of magical towers.


Flora spends most of her time in Random's Court, although she does travel Shadow and visit the Courts.


Gerard has become Random's primary advisor, counselor and right-hand man, when he is not away directing the fleet.


Julian still maintains a desultory presence in Arden, but has spent most of his time politicking and hunting in Chaos.


Llewella resides in Rebma, as always, and shows little desire to travel, although she did visit Chaos once after Patternfall.


Dead. He fix Pattern, go poof!  No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.


Random is still king of Amber.  He takes a close  interest affairs near to home and in the Golden Circle.  Most affairs in Chaos, however, he leaves to Benedict.

The Populace

Amber is considerably underpopulated at the moment. Most of its young men were drafted into the army for Patternfall, and of those who survived, many remained in Chaos as part of the occupation force.  Some few have returned home on leave or been discharged, but the bulk remain there.  The more martial nobles abide in Chaos also, as Benedict's staff and officer corps. Most able-bodied men in Amber, therefore, are either the more retiring of the nobles, or necessary for the fleet.

The Golden Circle

Begma, Eregnor and Melnibone have been established as members of the Golden Circle. Kashfa lies just outside.

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