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Note: The Tri-Stat dX Core Rules are a trademark of Guardians Of Order, Inc. Used without permission.

Points and Scope:

Uses d6. Characters are built on 75 points, with 20 Skill points. All characters are subject to GM approval. Some experienced characters may have Attributes over 6, and Stats over 12. Switching to d8 might be a reasonable option for some campaigns.

Starting Freebies:

All Characters start with the following Attributes for free. They may be sold down to zero for extra points, if the player so desires.

  • 1 level of Gadgets [2 points]
  • 1 level of Nobility [3 points]
  • 8 levels of Organizational Ties (to the Circle, the Uukaptai, the military, etc -- all multi-world, highly powerful organizations). [24 points]
  • 1 level of Wealth [3 points]

All Characters start with the following Defect automatically, but get no extra points for it. The Defect may be bought off with character points if the player desires:

  • Owned, level 2, by the Circle. [-2 points]

Normal Folk

The following attributes are available to any character:

  • Agents
  • Attack Combat Mastery
  • Combat Technique
  • Defence Combat Mastery
  • Extra Attacks
  • Extra Defences
  • Features
  • Gadgets
  • Heightened Awareness
  • Heightened Senses (Type I)
  • Henchmen
  • Highly Skilled
  • Item of Power (high tech items only)
  • Massive Damage
  • Nobility
  • Organizational Ties (up to 10 levels)
  • Own Big Mecha (usable only for early modern ships, etc)
  • Servants (human types only)
  • Tough (1 or 2 levels only)

Anyone may apply the following Defects directly to character. Such defects must be of natural (not supernatural) origin. (Other Defects are available for Attribute modification.)

  • Awkward Size (level 1 only)
  • Bane (for natural allergies, etc)
  • Blind Fury
  • Dependant
  • Diminuative
  • Easily Distracted
  • Famous
  • Inept Attack/Defence
  • Ism
  • Less Capable
  • Marked
  • Nemesis
  • Not So Tough
  • Owned
  • Phobia
  • Physical Impairment
  • Recurring Nightmares (but have a good reason, dammit)
  • Red Tape
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Significant Other
  • Skeleton in the Closet
  • Uappealing
  • Weak Point


All Uukaptai must meet the following requirements. At the GMís option, they may take Wanted (by the Uukaptai) instead.:

  • Owned (by the Circle). Level 3 for active members, level 2 for retired or semi-retired members.
  • Organizational Ties, Level 8 [respected member] for Enlisted soldiers on active duty, Level 10 [middle rank] for officers. Level 6 [Connected] for retired Uukaptai.
  • The Uukaptai Hum. Treat this as a 1 point defect.

Uukaptai (and retired Uukaptai) may take the following Attributes:

  • Adaptation
  • Armour, Uukaptai (use the modified version below)
  • Enhanced Stat
  • Immovable
  • Jumping
  • Mind Shield
  • Natural Weapons
  • Regeneration
  • Sensory Block (around self only, aka cloak of shadows)
  • Speed
  • Superstrength
  • Tough


Initiates of the Circle must meet the following Attribute and Defect requirements:

  • Organizational Ties, level 10 [middle rank] (the Circle) [+6 points]
  • Owned by the Circle, level 2 [-2 points]
  • Wealth, level 1.

At the GMís option, these may be traded for Hunted by the Circle.

All Initiates must purchase the Special Attack, Cone of Force. (A roiling blast of raw spirit energy.) This attack has the abilities Spreading and Knockback and must be purchased at least at level 3. [16 or 4 points]

All initates always count as Touching each other for purposes of mental attacks and powers. Requires Activation (10 minutes) and Concentration. This costs 0 character points.

An Initiate may also be a retired Uukaptai but if so suffers from an Ism.

Initiates may also purchase additional magical powers, represented by the following attributes.

  • Combination Attack: The Initiate can join Special Attacks with other Initiates
  • Creation: The Initiate can use Dense Spirit Energy to create objects of limited duration. The following restriction is mandatory: The item cannot have working mechanical parts.
  • Exorcism: The Initiate can drive Spirits out of constructs, posessed victims, etc.
  • Flight: The Initiate can pick him or herself up with a stream of Spirit Energy and fly about. Use the 4 point version. Must take the Concentration defect
  • Force Feild: Usually from filling the surrounding air with spirit energy.
  • Healing: Self Explanitory.
  • Mind Control: Affects other Initates as if touching them. Needs a Range PMV if used against normal folk.
  • Mind Sheild: Good against the above.
  • Projection: The initiate uses subtle or dense spirit energy to create illusions.
  • Sensory Block: The initiate surrounds him or herself with colored or textured spirit energy.
  • Servants: Good for creating disposable spirit constructs. Use the 6 point version.
  • Special Attack: Initiate can create other sorts of attacks with spirit energy, not just Cone of Force. Figure out how any additional attacks work. (metaphysically speaking).
  • Telekenesis: The initiate uses a stream of spirit energy to lift a target at a distance. Use the 4 point version.
  • Telepathy: Affects other Initates as if touching them. Needs a Range PMV if used against normal folk.

The following defects are flavorful for an Initiateís Attributes:

  • Backlash: The Initiate cannot control the flows of energy from the Pylon effectively. If the Stat check fails, he may fire random blasts of Raw Spirit Energy, become posessed, or go mad.
  • Concentration: Itís difficult to channel spirit energy out of the Pylon, and the Initiate must concentrate.
  • Detectable: The Initiate hasnít learned how to manifest subtle Spirit energy. All powers appear as a viscous screaming mass of spirits.
  • Maximum Force: The Initiate cannot restrain the wild energies of the Pylon.
  • Does Damage: The Initiate cannot manifest Refined Spirit energy. The Power does 2 points of damage to its target per round, per DP taken. Used only on normally powers like Telekenesis or Flight where this would normally be a disadvantage. Otherwise link the power to a special attack.


Use the Historical Age of Pirates skill collumn as the most appropriate.

New Attributes

Armour, Uukaptai:

Cost: 1 point per level

Relevant Stat: Body

Progession: Linear, +3 damage reduction per level.

The character has magically hardened flesh. This cannot be visually detected, save with close inspection. (Although the Uukaptai hum will give the Characterís Enhancement.) It always has the Partial restriction, and grants 3 points of armor per level. Does NOT stack with mundane armor.

Combat Technique: Faster Reload

The character takes one less round to reload a firearm, to a minimum of one round. Purchase separately for muskets and rifles. A second purchase reduces the required rounds by 2.


Cost: 3 points/level

Relevant Stat: None

Progression: Linear

Restriction: Provincial nobility, disgraced

The character comes from one of the Republicís noble families. Depending on the location he or she may gain special legal priviledges, extra respect, better seating at restaurants, access to court, etc. At home, the character has the power to dispense justice. For 3 points, the character comes from one of the world-spanning great families, whose standing is recognized everywhere. For 1 point, the character comes from a mere provinical family, and his or her status is valid only on their homeworld. (Although honorary address may still apply.) Or, for 1 point, the character comes from a great family but is disgraced, and the respect given is grudging. (Treat as an integral Ism.)

The level of Nobility determines how lofty is the characterís station, but his or her actual title may be anything, from Prince, Knight, Emir, to Chief Garbage Collector. In the hodge-podge of Denayi politics, the Lords of important areas may outrank the princes or kings of lesser countries.


For melee weapons, swords and bayonets see the most common use, with the ocassional ceremonial pike (treat as a dmg 12 spear).

The following types of firearm are in common use:

  • Flintlock Smooth-Bore Pistol: 8 damage, short range, Gun Combat (Pistol), Slow x4, Innacurate
  • Flintlock Smooth-Bore Musket: 14 damage, short range, Gun Combat (Rifle), Slow x3, Innacurate
  • Flintlock Rifled Musket: 14 damage, Gun Combat (Rifle), Slow x4 If loaded rapidly, it becomes slow x3 and Innacurate.


Body armor is not commonly worn. Some light leather armor is available, as Leather Jacket, p. 81 or as a larger padded coat, AV 4, -1 to Body checks. Heavy cavalry often wears a breastplate and helmet. AV 8, -3 to Body checks. On more primitive worlds, medieval armor can be purchased.


The standard TriStat dX rules make ordinary weapons rather ineffective. To make normal folks more dangerous, apply the following changes:

  • Use the Shock, Critical Injury, and Knockback rules.
  • Add any ACM and skill bonuses to the ACV when applying damage.
  • Double the damage of standard weapons.
  • Critical hits do double damage on a d6 roll of 1-4, triple damage on a roll of 4-5, quadruple damage on a roll of 6.