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Other Circles and their Nations

"To the Denayi went I, and they disgusted me. Aelon Daar I sought, but they reviled me. Among the kings of Rel-nar did I dwell, and was frightened thereby. Home I went, seeking the familiar, but in my increased wisdom, I saw only the strange." 

-- Jibbon nar Flark




The ruling Houses of the Soul Engines in the Known Worlds share a common heritage developed from centuries (if not millennia) of coexistence, competition and trade. What follows are descriptions of typical Engines and their accompanying political structures, including terms in Ka’Tash, the lingua franca of trade and of the nobility. Newly discovered and emerging engines may vary enormously, not only in their structures and terminology, but in their physical appearance as well.

At the heart of every Soul Engine lies at least one Pylon, the repository of all the Engine’s souls. Pylons are usually large blocks of stone or metal, which have been specially prepared to hold and concentrate psychic energy. The size of the Pylon varies somewhat. A small Engine might need only a menhir or a boulder to hold its thousand souls, while an ancient and powerful engine would require several Pylons, each the size of a castle. If an engine has multiple Pylons they need not be near each other or even on the same world. Soul Bonding works regardless of distance. Most Pylons are located in or near a structure of some sort, typically a castle or fortress. Inaddition to protecting a Pylon from attack, buildings also provide the necessary facilities to perform magic that requires the presence of the Pylon, such as opening Gates or performing the Soul Bonding ritual.

A Soul Engine’s ruling family is known as its House. (Or Houses if there are more than one.) Non-lineal Orders sometimes control Soul Engines instead of lineal Houses. Orders tend to become Houses in time. The most important members of the House are obviously those living magicians Soul-Bonded to the Engine (also known as its Circle.) Since the Circle holds ultimate power over the Engine, it is usually the House’ ruling oligarchy as well, but not all members of the House are also Circle members. Foremost among these are the Uukaptai, warriors whom the Circle has infused with soul energy to enhance their physical abilities. Most Houses have diplomatic ties to the Houses and Circles of other Engines, and may intermarry with them.



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