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A Game of Necromancy and Intrigue


"For a hundred and twenty years, I have been a member of the Circle Denayi, and all the poisons that tried to find me failed.  All save this one. For six-score years, I wielded power stolen from the dead and heard the ghosts whispering.  With their help, I crushed the enemies of House Denayi, put down rivals, raised up friends. Which enemy finally found me?  I know it does not matter.   From my death-bed, I look through the window at the dawn, and I fear something greater than death.  From the day I joined the Circle, my soul has been as bound to the Pylon as any whose voice I ever heard or whose substance I abused.  Soon I will join the voices in the cold, hard stone.  I wish that I had refused the power.  Better, I wish that I had never been born."

--- last words attributed to Lucius Denayi (d. 4793 Y.P.)



Diceless Rules

GURPS Adaptation

Tri-Stat dX Adaptation


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