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The Denayi Republic

"O Denayi,
     City, Circle, Nation,

Glory of this World
     Lord of so many others,

How vast must be thy walls,
    how wide must be thy gate,

That thou mayest encompass so many peoples,
    and swallow so many youths.

Noblest city, filled with souls,
    not all of them living. None free to go.

Thy every roof, thy every gutter must shine
    So much gold hast thou taken in.

Thy twin sluice-gates,
   do they pour forth torrents, red and salt?

How could it be otherwise,
    so much blood and tears thou hast caused to fall?

Countless voices cry thy name
    but so few in adulation, so many in woe.

Yet let me not say repent to thee.
    Does the sea repent, as it wears away the shore?"

--, Arany of Rethi, Eulogies 1.7


The Denayi rules an empire of a hundred inhabited Worlds connected by a series of magical gates. At its heart lies its ancient homeworld, its original name mostly forgotten, and now known as Denayi, after the family of magicians who long ago conquered and unified it with their terrible magics.

It was they who first sacrificed souls to the construct they call the Pylon, and who utilized the energies therein for magic and war. Today their descendants continue to sit upon its ruling Circle of mages, and direct vast human tribute from their far-flung dominions homeward, to fuel their engines of sorcery and war. It is the magic of the Circle that opens the Gates to other Worlds, that Enhances the superhuman legions of Uukaptai, and unleashes devastation upon their mortal enemies. Yet it is this self-same magic that opens the way for trade across Worlds, for the exchange of technology, knowledge and medicine, and that permits the creation of an enormous and diverse civilization.

Nor is Denayi alone; several of its Gates open upon the Worlds of its rivals: the Zegazer, the Kaeltoth, Aelon Daar, and others. These Empires, too, have learned the secret of the Pylon, and possess armies, perhaps even Uukaptai of their own. Currently, Denayi’s borders rest in uneasy peace, but who knows when once again titanic war will errupt to consume entire Worlds?

As a scion of a ruling House of Denayi, you are heir to the majesty and terror of an Republic that stretches across a hundred dead earths, to the power and the moral price of the command of a billion dead souls, and to the knowledge that upon death, your soul, too, will become forfeit to the Pylon .